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28-Dec-2017 06:24

First topic The first topic to start the show was to explain which member from all of the Super Junior members did they like as well consider their ideal type.Kim Gu Ra who is the host, brought this topic out first.Both Girls’ Generation and EXO fans have left hurtful comments on both of the idols’ social media pages after it was revealed the two had been dating for four months.Many fans have let comments such as “I don’t trust Taeyeon anymore” and “I don’t like her anymore.” Taeyeon, who has been apologetic over the news report, did her best to sympathise with fans.Kyuhyun told Sunny by saying, "Don't say that with your hand shaking!" As for the other two, Yuri as well Jessica stated that they did not have no guy in the group who really matched their ideal man type.Jessica said, "I think they're even more careful now." Yuri then followed, "The reality is a shame, seeing as how they revealed the truth but the public is more focused on them now." When the five were asked if they would also "publicize their dating status," Jessica stated, "You end up revealing it when you're caught." After this was said, Kyuhyun then told her, "Be careful so you don't get caught." Once Kyuhyun said this, Jessica then replied by saying with a wicked smile, "You be careful.

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" Each of the members felt kind of "uncomfortable" speaking about this.

" The five disagreed and they said to Kyuhyun that "Sooyoung is so skinny." Tiffany then comes out to say what her weight is which she said, "I weigh the most at 48 kg (~ 106 lbs)." Tiffany then goes on by saying while laughing that Sunny teases her by calling "This pig" which everyone erupted laughing.

Tiffany continues on by saying that "Harry Potter" actor, Daniel Radcliffe has a great "impression of her." Tiffany stated, "One time, Daniel Radcliffe was asked to choose the prettiest Girls' Generation member and I proved to have left a good impression as he said I was the prettiest among the members." Next Topic The next topic that was explained was regarding "skinship and ideal types." When the topic was announced, each of the ladies laughed.

Rather than on the lips, I like a kiss on the forehead once . Kim Gu Ra stated, "I wish all the members would date.

I wish you guys could be free like Paris Hilton." Then Kim went further on to ask if the ladies can be open regarding their relationships just like what Sooyoung as well Yoon A are right now.

Each of the members pondered and thought which guy was handsome to consider their ideal man.

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